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April 1962 

Aerial View of Dormitory and Campus Area ♦ . ♦ 



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Open Letter to Alumni 

On Tuesday., March 13, 1962, it was my privilege to represent the Stout Alumni Association during the 
inaugural ceremonies of Stout's. fourth President - William J. Micheels, 

It was not too long ago that I walked across the same platform, flipped the mortarboard tassel to the 
left side and wondered what would -be happening in the years to come, never thinking then of today's ever 
present challenges as president of your alumni association. 

■ The years between then and now have seen many changes on the campus which then really wasn't but now 
can be called truthfully a campus to be proud of - new buildings - new faces, students, faculty and 

And now, Stout State College has inaugurated its fourth president, in addition to receiving a citation from 
the legislature of the State of Wisconsin commemorating its 50th year of service within the state system of 
higher education as an institution with a world-wide reputation in training of industrial arts, home 
economics teachers and industrial technologists, 

Now more than ever before in its relatively short history of existence, since 192 0, your Stout Alumni 
Association must prepare itself to accept the challenge of upgrading itself - set new goals of accomplishment- 
new values of achievement - acceptance of financial responsibilities not now on the college development 
planning boards. 

The association must reactiviate and make use of older alumni heads along with more recent graduates 
to aid in the setting of new patterns of personal and physical plant growth and development at Stout. Those 
alumni to come with each future June commencement are likewise not to be forgotten. 

Adequate recognition of prominent graduates in all fields of endeavor beyond education, not to neglect 
those on campus who so rightly deserve our attention, must be brought about. 

Your Stout Alumni Association cannot expect recognition of its presence' or its very existence unless it 
becomes a truly potent force to be reckoned with. 

At the same time, the Stout State College administration and faculty must also realize that through the 
alumni association it can achieve much in the way of recognizing the availability of high grade of educable 
material - available finance in heretofore untapped sources for scholarship, faculty salary endowments, 
physical plant development and so forth, 

Stout's Board of Regents is to be congratulated for choosing as its fourth president a maa-of high 
intellectual ideals and wisdom as well as one who does not forget to lean on the ideals,, wisdom and common 
sense approach to accomplishment of those around him, whether the individual is a custodian or holder of 
the coveted Phd, 

We of the alumni have been given many opportunities and received much from many during our four 
years at Stout. Now - it is our turn to give. 

As president of your National Stout Alumni Association, I am taking'-'the prerogative of pledging the 
support of all alumni to all future phases of development to be under taken at Stout. 

Can we deliver ? Will we accept the obvious challenge of Stout's future? 

It's up to you! 

CONGRATULATIONS to President William J. Micheels. May God be with you in your future tasks at 
Stout. And as one wiser than we said long ago, "Ask and ye shall receive". 

James D. "Jim" Bailey ('48) 


National Stout Alumni Association 

Inauguration Ceremonies Held 

Dr. William J. Micheels was inaugurated as fourth pres - 
ident of Stout State College here March 13, and delivered the 
inaugural address as the climax to the ceremony. 

The inaugural program began at 1:50 p. m. with an academic 
procession consisting of Stout faculty members and representa- 
tives from more than 130 colleges and learned societies. 

Rev. Richard Holleque, pastor of Our Savior's Lutheran 
church in Menomonie, gave the invocation, and officials from 
several groups extended greetings before the inaugural address. 
They included Jay Kyle, president of the state college board of 
regents; Dr. Norman Ziemann, president of the Stout chapter of 
the Associated Wisconsin State College Faculties; Mayor Gene 
McNaughton of Menomonie; and David Nilssen, president of the 
Stout Student Association, 

Greetings from Gov. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin were read 
in the absence of the governor who was not able to attend because 
of a prior commitment. 


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Father Charles Blecha of St. Joseph Catholic church in Menomonie pronounced the benediction, 

A reception was held in the Stout Memorial Student Center immediately after the inaugural ceremony. 

The Academic Procession 

DR. DwiGHT Agnew opening the Inaugural Ceremonies 

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Stout Mourns Loss of Dr. Fleming 

The death of Dr. Thomas F. Fleming, chairman of the Stout 
English department, in an auto-bus crash Saturday March 3,, 
represents an incalculable personal and professional loss to the 
college and the community. 

As his colleagues knew, Tom Fleming's professional com- 
petence was of a high order, though he made light of it himself: 
and the fault of pretentiousness was unknown to him. He would 
be the first to decry the loss in that area, but it is a great one, 

To many Menomonie residents, Tom Fleming WAS Stout 
State College. They knew him through his work as the official 
and unofficial public relations officer for the college, as adviser 
and friend to college administrative officials who used his good 
judgement confidently and often as an aid to difficult decisions. 
Tom's long experience with the college was one reason for this. 
But experience can be replaced; a quick intuitive mind working 
in concert with experience often cannot fully be supplanted. This 
was the essence of Tom Fleming's unique contribution to the 
Stout State College structure. 

The loss of Tom Fleming's professional skill will be felt for 
a long time, but the greater loss is personal. 

Thomas F. Fleming 

To Stout students, faculty, alumni and administrators; to his fellow church members, to community 
leaders to those who knew him socially, Tom Fleming was a warm, engaging personality who habitually put 
his own concerns in the background and extended himself for the betterment of others. 

His sense of humor is celebrated, but it was much, much more than the ability to make people laugh. 
The Fleming wit was an instrument that smoothed ruffled feelings and situations and facilitated the 
accomplishment of difficult projects and the success of new ideas. 

Dr, Fleming's generosity with his time and remarkable talents, both literary and administrative was 
felt by all his colleagues and students. 

A special Thomas F. Fleming memorial fund has been set up in his honor. All donations may be sent 
to Miss Minnie Becker, Secretary to the President, Stout State College. Proceeds will be used in the 
form of scholarship aid to deserving students. 

Also the State College Board of Regents have recently named the new men's dormitory in his honor. 

Dr. Fleming was born March 21, 1920, in Eau Claire. He attended schools there and was graduated 
from Eau Claire Teachers College in 1941, Subsequently he obtained a degree in mortuary science at the 
University of Minnesota, and operated his family's mortuary in Eau Claire before going to the University of 
Wisconsin to obtain a master of arts degree in journalism education in 1946. 

He joined the Stout faculty in 1946 as instructor of English. He soon was appointed director of public 
relations and relinquished that position on his appointment as head of the English department in June 1961, 
Dr. Fleming obtained the doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1952 after a short 
leave of absence. 

Survivors include the widow, Marion, and a son, Thomas. 

Campus Changes* Bowman Hall Remodeled 

Purchase of equipment costing $350., 000 and a $150, 000 remodeling job on a building are being expedited 
at Stout State College here following release of funds by the state building commission, 

The funds had been earmarked for both projects previously, 

New equipment has already been installed in the machine shop, general shop, metal shop, and electronics 
labs, all located in Fryklund Hail, the new classroom and shop building that was put into use in September, 
(See pictures on next page) 

Purchase of the new equipment allows the departments and shops to operate as they originally were 
intended. This was not possible without the new equipment, according to Dr. William J, Micheels, president. 

The $150, 000 sum is allowing extensive remodeling and relocation of departments in Bowman Hall, the 
original college building, It is making possible expanded areas for the print shop, the audio-visual center, 
and modernizing of the heating and ventilating equipment. 

Bids were opened on the remodeling of Bowman Hall December 21, Work has since been carried on in 
stages to cause as little' interruption of classwork as possible. Completion of the project is expected 
sometime this summer. 

Stout Receives Foundation Grants 

Two foundation grants totaling $2, 500 have been received by Stout State College here, according to an 
announcement by Dr. William J, Micheels, president. 

A $2, 000 grant was given by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback foundation and a $500 grant, by 
the Gisholt John A. Johnson foundation of Madison. 

The Lindback grant is to be used partly for scholarships to students at Stout who are residents of 
Wisconsin, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware or Maryland and partly for increasing faculty salaries and 
as a reward for distinguished teaching. The Lindback family formerly operated a business at Bruce, Wis, 

This, is. the second consecutive year that Lindback foundation has given $2, 000 to Stout, A student 
will, be chosen 1 by a committee, of Stout administrative officers to receive aid from the fund. 

The remainder of the current grant will go to a faculty member as a reward for distinguished teaching 
award and to raise faculty salaries in general. The distinguished teaching award will be made at 
commencement in the spring,,. 

The Johnson grant is also being given for the second consecutive year. That money has been used 
partially for student loan funds and partially for scholarships to students. Its use is unrestricted, 

1962 Summer Session Catalog Available 

The regular eight weeks' summer session will begin Monday, June 18, and will close on Friday 
August 10. . 

Course offerings for the following major fields in the graduate program have been scheduled for the 
summer session: Vocational Education, Audio-Visual Instruction, Guidance, Home Economics, Home 
Economics Education, and Industrial Education. 

For a complete listing of all courses, fees, and housing information, write for a 1962 summer session 
catalog. For a copy, write to Director of the Summer Session, Stout State College, Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

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Pictured at the left are two students 
looking at a heavy duty punch press 
recently added to the General Metals 


■ ' • Ml 


The fifteeath annual Stunt Night was 
month. Pictured below and at the ri 
skits that were entered in this years 
ceedes from this event provide a scho! 


Pictured at the left, Dr. Theodore E. 
Wiehe demonstrates proper grinding 
procedures in the Advanced Machine 
Shop area in Fryklund Hall. 






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Alumni News 

. .. . i9 n 

Mrs, Samuel H. Kaiser, (Julia Josephson) passed away on Feb. 14. She and her husband had resided at 444 
Betz Place, Metairie 21, Lousiana, . . . Mrs. F. J, Souha (Bertha Wiley) is a housewife at 4211 West 50th St. , 
Minneapolis 24, Minnesota 

Mrs. Lewis. Torrent has her home at 1724 5th Street, Muskegon, Michigan. 

Mrs. Garrett F, Johnston is making her home at 220 Maple Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois. . . . Mrs, George E. 
Moyer's residence is 710 Laurel Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois. 

'■ ,-' .. ' 1916 

Mr, W. H. Hamilton, a retired teacher of drawing, lives at 1801 Roys Avenue, Elkhart, Indiana, , , , Mrs. 
John Trisch Sr, is living at 203 W.. Main Street, Caledonia, Minnesota. ... H. I. Fieldseith is retired and 
lives at 2408 18th Street, Menominee, Michigan, 

Edith Quarve has her home in Fessenden, North Dakota. 

Mr, & : Mrs, R. H. McCullough make their home at 5591 Devonshire, Detroit 24, Michigan. He is thehead of 
the vocational department at Denby High School. 

Mr. Manvell A. Olson, chairman of industrial arts of the Roosevelt High School, lives at 2241 Ringsmith 
Road Northwest, Atlanta 6, Georgia. . . . George W. Ludvigson is teaching electricity in P, S. Du Pont High 
School. He resides at 700 W. 31st Street, Wilmington 2, Deleware. 

• 1924 

Walter E. Hansen lives at 1362 Weber Drive, Clearwater, Florida, in retirement after 37 years of teaching 
woodworking. . , , Ole Moe of 18055 Schoenherr, Detroit 5, Michigan is teaching bookkeeping in the Detroit 
School system, 

Mrs. William T, Paulson (Blanche Spink) makes .her home at 924 South Lombard Avenue, Lombard, Illinois, 
Mr, & Mrs, Howard V. Patterson (Ruth Grundgriper) are living during their retirement at 1503 Mathew St, , 
Menomonie, Wisconsin, 

Laurie M. Lehto, 133 Washington Road, Asheville, North Carolina , is the director of graphic arts and a 
counselor at Lee H. Edwards High School. , , . Hector, If. , Henderson, Training supervisor for Westclox, lives 
at 425 Roosevelt Road, LaSalle, Illinois, . , . Harvard C^ Smith is a graphic arts instructor at the Kenosha 
Public Schools. He lives at 7618 5th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin. . . , Albert J. Hanzel makes his home at 
362 Aratoga, Saint Paul 5, Minnesota. 


Elva M. Kleist, teacher of homemaking and guidance, resides at Briar View Manor, White Plains, New York, 
She is employed by the White Plains Senior High School, 

Carl.L. Galoff of 2940 McKinle y Street, Madison, Wisconsin, is the supervisor of Driver License Examin- 
ers for the State of Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department. . . . Mrs, Edward Derivan, (Irmgard Schwartz) 
makes her home at 109 East Green Street, Fox Lake, Wisconsin, . , . Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Olson (Violet 
C, Erickson) have their residence at 408 South Oak Street, Waconia, Minnesota, where he is industrial arts 
instructor and director at the Waconia High School. 

Ed, G, Hosted is a professor of mechanical engineering at the North Dakota State University, His residence 
is 1449 North University Drive, Fargo, North Dakota. . . .Edwin C. Kartak is living at 5570 Devonshire Road, 
Detroit 24, Michigan, 

Mr. Ernest Muller has his home at South Riverside Drive, Charleston, South Carolina, , , , Jerome A, Vojta 
of 1710 W. Hadley Street, Milwaukee 6, Wisconsin is a drafting instructor at the School of Vocational and 
Adult Education, West Allis 14, Wisconsin. . . . Roger Tasker is drafting instructor at the Senior High School 
of Racine. He lives at 36 McKinley Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin. . . , Victor Glenn, shop instructor, Norris- 
town Junior High School, resides at 1939 West Marshall Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania. 

Armin H, Gerhardt Sr. makes his home at 765 Reed Street, Neenah, Wisconsin. He is an instructor of 
industrial arts at the Neenah High School. , . , Olav R, Enli is Rhinelander Vocational School's instructor of ' 
cabinetmaking and education. He lives at 333 Wilson, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, . . .Dewey F. Barich, 
President of Detroit Institute of Technology, resides at 714 Camonridge Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

Cai'l Gernetzky is the chairman of the Finance Committee for the State Board of Regents, and he is living at 
4107 Lincoln PI, Drive, Des Moines 12, Iowa, , . . Mrs. Esther Lee Brown is teaching tailoring at the Kanawha 
Adult Education School, and she is making her home at 313 Viola Road, Charleston 4, West Virginia. , , , Mrs. 
Esther Vogel, guidance counselor at the Suitland Junior High School, is residing at 135 Lewis Street, N. W. , 
Vienna, Virginia. , . .Mrs, Dorothy Waters (Dorothy Madden) of 418 West 2nd Street, Ashland, Wise, , is 
working in administration at the University of Minnesota of Home Economics, while she is doing graduate 
work in clothing and textiles, , , . Minnie Hutt, dietitian, Marathon County Mount View Sanatorium, lives in 
Abbotsford, Wisconsin, 

Merlin O. Ekern is a rehabilitation specialist for the United States Government, State Department, Internation 
Cooperation Administration. He is living at Box 7, ICA, MSM, China, APO 63, San Francisco, California. 
Mr, & Mrs, Forrest Sissel make their home at 412 East Lombard, Davenport, Iowa. Forest is the owner 
and operator of the Service Press, Inc. 

Carl J, Brenner makes his home at 2 1 Tuscon Road, Maplewood, New Jersey and is teaching mechanical 
drawing. He is also a guidance counselor. , . .Ruben Carp is working at the Thomas Jefferson Junior High 
School as an instructor of printing and mechanical drawing, and he resides at 1705 Darst Street, Charleston 

1, West Virginia. ... Dorr C. Snoyenbos, director of personnel, AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors 
Corporation, resides at 8946 North Tennyson Drive, Milwaukee 17, Wisconsin. . , , Frederick L, Curran of 
18230 Hubbeir, "Detroit 35, Michigan, is teaching industrial 'education. 

Mr. & Mrs. Oscar A. Gronseth (Elenora Paulson) have their home at 402 West Michigan, Jacksonville, 111. , 
Oscar is the active program supervisor at the Jacksonville State Hospital and Lenora is school lunch 
program supervisor of twelve schools. , . . Alex H, Bogard is an assistant regional training and safety officer 
for the Post Office Department and lives at 19300 69th Place West, Lynnwood, Washington, . , , Harry J 
Kubalek of 545 Longfellow Avenue, Deerfield, Illinois, is instructing physical education for the Lincoln Board 
of Education. . . . Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Hoernemann (Evelyn Brimer) make their home at 909 Lemonweir Park- 
way, Tomah, Wisconsin, He is a therapist and chief director of the manual arts and industrial therapy at 
the United States Veterans Hospital, . . . Mr. & Mrs. Frank F. Mann(Irma A, Miller) have their residence 
at 2033 Oxford Road, Grosse Pointe 3 6, Michigan. Frank is the personnel development administrator for 
the Chrysler Corporation. . . . Mrs, Marie L. Olsen (Marie Hanson) is the homemaker for the 1305 Wisconsin 
Avenue residence in Racine, Wisconsin. . . , Adrian O. Beirmeister is busy as the department chairman for the 
industrial arts department and working in guidance and counseling at the Memorial High School. He lives at 
210 Roosevelt Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. ,,. Mrs, Evelyn A, Suomi, Homemaking teacher, lives at 1411 
Smith, New London, Wisconsin. 

Oscar Emberetsor (M.S. ) has his home at 6147 Taylon Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin. Oscar teaches drafting 
at .he vocational school in Racine. 

Roland R. Fraser, Principal of the George Washington Trade School, lives at 10081 West Outer Drive, Detroit 

2, Michigan . . Alex Springer, manager of Springer Auto Supply lives at 719 Wilson Avenue, Menomonie, 
Wisconsin. . . . Harry B, Olstad head of the industrial arts department at the Lincoln High School, Mai itowoc, 
Vocational School and lives at Route 7, Waukesha, Wisconsin, 

'.'"'.', .'. I 939 ' ..•■'''. 

Martin O. Johnsen is associate professor of industrial arts' at Kent State University. His residence is 1711 
Dollar Lake Drive, Kent, Ohio. . ,. Herbert C. Inverson (M. S. ) is a junior high school industrial arts instruct- 
or while he lives at 4740 North Hollywood, Milwaukee 11, "Wisconsin. . . , Mr, & Mrs. William Campbell make 
their home at 1101 7th Street, Mehomonie, Wisconsin. Bill is the owner and operator of a grocery store, 
and his wife is homemaking coordinator for the Menompnie Board of Vocational and Adult Education. Edward 
J, Kriz teaches printing and lives at 7815 40th A jnue, Kenosha, Wisconsin, 

. ■ . * ■-. ■ . . ig4 - .•■■.•.■....• ^. 

Mrs,' Fred Close (Cecilia Domke) is a busy hornemaker of Box 88; Men'omotiie, Wicsconsin, , , , Frank 
Winchester, teacher, lives at 2322 Chamberlain Avenue, Madison/ Wisconsin. , ..'. Mrs, Melan Lovance (Betty 
Quilling')., foods and nutrition instructor for the Board of Vocational and Adult Education of Racine, lives at 
3214 Kinie Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin, . . Paul A. Luoma 8 Boone Lane, Dearborn, Michigan, is a 
teacher of welding for the Fords on High School, . , , Darby Worman , manager of distributor sale's for the 
Harvey Aluminum Company, resides at 975 West Maple Avenue,' Adrian, Michigan. 

Mrs. Jeanne Swanger (Swanson) is living at 333 Bellflower Avenue, N. W. , Canton 8, Ohio, She is director . 
of the Dairy Council of Stark County. , , ,'Willia/m E, Luck, 2132 Sunset, Stillwater, Oklahoma, has. recently 
accepted' a position. with the State College of Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 

' ' ". .- ' ' ' ' ' . ' '"' ' 1942 '. ''•.', '":' 

Mr, & Mrs, Gelenn W. Christianson (Elizabeth Coe) live at 180 South. 8th' Street, Barron, Wisconsin. Glenn 

is the justice of the peace, ',,, Mrs. Doris Gardner (Doris Latshaw) is the hornemaker of the home at Route 3, 

Platteville, Wisconsin. . , ', Mr'. & Mrs. John Hub (Marian J. Henderson) make their home at 1011 North Main 

Street, Naperville, Elinois, and John is a pilot captian for American Airlines, Inc. , . , Mr. & Mrs. George 

DeRubeis (Grace Springer) are both busy teaching while living at 1208 South Kings Court Drive, Anaheim, 

California ''. ' •;; 

;• ■■ ! ' -.;.■'■ ■ 1943 ■■■>■■ 

Mrs, Eugene Eder (Natalie Bo'ngey) is the hornemaker of Route 3, New London, Wisconsin. , , . W, L. Enge 
(M, S. ) of Route 2, Eau Claire, Wisconsin is the' director at the Vocational and Adult School at Eau Claire.', , 
Mr, & Mrs, Donald Halvors on (Elizabeth Rasmussen ) resides at Saint Ansgar, Iowa; Don is the executive 
vice president of the Saint Ansgar Citizens State Bank, , , . Mr. & Mrs. Jim Christopherson make their home 
at 24800 Oxford, Dearborn, Michigan. . 

' . ,J ' .'' ' 1944 

Mrs. James Paradise (Kathleen Wentlandt) is a housewife and lives at Box 347, Monte Vista, Colorado. 

.' ' '"""' -.'\ '° 1945 ' 

Mrs. Adrian Huinker (Maryde! Keating) is a housewife and lives at Box 464, Mononia, Iowa. 

•'•■ ; -' •'•";•' '' : ''.'"' ' '1946'" ' ' .','.'" 

Wayne G. Leopold resides'at 524 12th Avenue, Two Harbors, Minnesota, where he is chairman of the 
Industrial Arts Department of Two Harbors High School;, , . Clinton S. Knutson is the administrative officer 
of the Selective Service System for the Federal Government and lives at 506 Oak Street, Oregon, Wisconsin. 
June E. Schellenberg (June E. Happel) is the dietitian at the Veterans Administration. She lives at 1051 
Highland Avenue, Santa Clara, California, 

.:■■■■• ■' ■ : ■■ 1947 ■ - 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R, Pangborn (Joan Thompson) make their home at 2 537 North 12th Street, Sheboygan, 
Wisconsin. Don is an instructor of printing and mechanical drawing at the North High School. . . . Mr. & Mrs. 
Harold Richter (Scharfer) have their home at 103 Fremont, Watertown, Wisconsin, Harold is the plant 
superintendant of the G. B. Lewis Co, , , . Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Mayer have their home at 2730 35th Street, 
Two Rivers; Wisconsin. , Connie is the director of Two Rivers Vocational and Adult School. . , , John B, 
Morgan lives at 401 Waupaca Street, Waupaca, Wisconsin. Jack is the industrial arts instructor at Waupaca 
Senior High School, . . . Carl K. Seitz, owner and manager of Welders Supply Co. , has his residence at 709 
Liberty Avenue, Belbit, Wisconsin, , , . Harvey R, Ristow is department chairman of industrial arts at 
La Ser'na High School. He lives at 16242 East Grayville, La Mirada, California. 

•'■ '' '-■• ■'• - ■'';"••'"' ; ""- ' 1948 

Mr, & Mrs. Donald Landsverk (Donna'Gardiner) make their home at 1299 Birch Lake Boulavard N. , White 
Bear Lake, Minnesota. Don is a package laboratory engineer for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. 

Mrs, Artie Dittbrenner (Shirley Schnitzler) is a homemaker at Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, . . , Mr. & Mrs. 
Gerhard W. Nelson (Marian Ross) are living at 3720 Van Dyke, White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He is the head 
of the mathamatics department at the Saint Paul Technical Vocational School. , . .Dr. & Mrs. Robert Swanson 
(Margaret Pennington) are residing at Oakwood Height, Menomonie, Wisconsin, . , , Richard S. Robertson 
(M. S. ) assistant general sales manager, White Products Corporation, is living at Box 108, Middleville, Mich, 

1949 A . 

Carl H, Johnson and his wife the former Marian Lemke live at Box 382 West Drive, Menominee, Michigan, 
Carol is a printing instructor at the Menominee High School, , . . Roland Kehrberg of 122 South Aldis Drive, 
Dundee, Illinois is teaching at Deerfield High ( School in the fields of woodworking, drawing, and electricity, 
William E, MacLachlan, works with School Sales for the RCA Corporation in New Jersey. , , . Dellmont R, 
Lindbloom is the principal of Dunwood School and lives at 5855 North 40th Street, Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin. 
Mr, & Mrs. Maurice H, Dallman (Maxine Pence) are making their home at 509 Bryan, Carterville, Illinois, 
Maurice is the instructor coordinator of the mechanical technology department at Southern Illininois University, 
Leroy B. Parson and his wife the former Joyce Meyer live at 4144 9th, Des Moines 13, Iowa. He is teaching 
woodworking at the North High School. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wm J. Baer are residing at 1526 Kenwood Avenue, Beloit, Wisconsin, Bill is an inspector at 
Beloit Iron Works. . , .Mrs. Gertrude S. Taggart (Gertrude Samida), home economics instructor for the 
Tomahawk High School, lives at 328 North Stevens Street, Rhinelander, Wisconsin. .'. , Waldo H. Berry (M. S. ) 
of Sunset Boulevard, Tomhawk, Wisconsin, is the director of Vocational and adult education. . . . Mr, Bert O, 
Boetcher, Principal of the Wisconsin School for Boys, has his residence at 1465 Cleveland Avenue, Waukesha, 
Wisconsin. . . , Mr, & Mrs. John E. Kuula are making their home at 2104 Hensley Avenue, Olympia, Wash, 
Mr. & Mrs. John Yount (Beth Robertson) reside at 28042 Atlantic, Highland, California. John is a chemistry 
teacher, and Beth is chairman of the homemaker 's department at Fontana Unified School District. . . , Mr, & 
Mrs, Dee Nutter (Mary Curran) make their home at 2310.18th Street, Menominee, Michigan. Dee is a 
general shop instructor and head football coach at Coleman High School, Wisconsin. He is also an "on the job 
trainer" for Chadwick Manufacturing Co. , in Coleman, Mary is a case worker for the Michigan State Welfare 
Commission, , . , Herbert Watanabe of Box 3289, Honolulu 1, Hawaii is the principal of the Hawaii State 
Prison Vocational School, , . , Mr. & Mrs, Karl Windberg (Jean Pengilly) make their residence at 2203 Clear- 
view, Waukegan, Illinois, Karl is a power mechanics teacher at the Waukegan West Campus, and Jean 
teaches the sixth grade at the Jack Benny Junior High School. . , . Arnold H. Potthast is the new director of 
the School of Vocational and Adult Education, Port Washington, Wisconsin, ..,.,... 

Mr, & Mrs, Robert Solberg (Lois Jensen) are living at 449 W. College Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin. He 
is drafting instructor at the Waukesha Central Campus, , , .Donald H, Raether is teaching drawing at the 
Robbinsdale Senior High School and lives at 3616 Major Avenue, Robbinsdale 22, Minnesota. , . . Mr. & Mrs, 
R, Dean Frey make their home at 5608 Crestwood Place, Madison 5, Wisconsin, while he teaches driver's 
education at Madison Vocational and Adult School, , . .Don F. Winters, instructor of printing for the Augusta 
Vocational School, resides at Route 1, McBean, Georgia. In addition , he lives on a farm and operates a 
cabinet shop, , , , Warren J. Wold lives at Box 851, Terre Haute, Indiana. Warren is an industrial education 
instructor at Indiana State College. . . .'William R. Snyder is the owner of his own business, the Northwest 
Specialty Manufacturing Co. , and lives at Box 12 8, Dodge Center, Minnesota. . , . Ross I. Slater is the 
production engineer for the Remington Rand Univac. He lives at 1158 Stryker Avenue, West Saint Paul 18, 
Minnesota, . . . Keye N, Loper, sales representative for the General Electric Company, resides at Route 3, 
Hagerstown, Maryland, , . .Donald R. Bredahl of 1727 Oxford Street, Rockford, Illinois, is purchasing 
manager for the Sundstrand Aviation of Rockford. . . Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mowbray are residing at 1605 25th 
Avenue, Monroe, Wisconsin. Chuck is an industrial arts teacher at the Monroe High School, , . , Mrs. Gerald 
Nuenfeldt (Shirley Cox) is the homemaker of her home in Greenwood, Wisconsin. . , .Dale J. Digerness of 
3031 West Villard, Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin is a teacher and coach at the Lincoln High School. 

Mr, & Mrs, Wayne G. Olson make their home at 5507 Brentwood Lane, Greendale, Wisconsin, Wayne is a 
woodshop instructor at the Bell Junior High School, , , . Mr, & Mrs. Robert T, Hirano (Eleanor C. Ushijima) 
reside at 483 Kalanikoa Street, Hilo, Hawaii. Bob is an industrial arts teacher, and Eleanor is a dietitan at 
Hilo Hospital. . . , Robert K, Erickson of 42 6 Taft Place, Gary, Indiana is a foreman of electrolytic tinning 
at the Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, United States Steel Corporation. , . , Mr. & Mrs. Burton Jaeger (Pauline 
Zweifel) are living at 119 Wilson Avenue, West Bend, Wisconsin. He works as a security salesman for the 
Marshall Company, , , , Mr. & Mrs. James L. Heller make their home at Route 2, Menomonie, Wisconsin. 
Jim is a trade and industrial education advisor for the International Cooperative Administration. He 

establishes technical and industrial education throughout foreign countries. , . . Mrs, James R, Bolon (Katie 
Ziehm), president of Marshfield Cooperative Nursery School, lives at 1105 South Adams Avenue, Marshfield, 
Wisconsin. . . . Mr. & Mrs. Earl R, Herring are living in their newly built home at 107 14th Avenue South, 
Moorhead, Minnesota. Earl is the assistant to the president of Moorhead State College. 

Glenn A. Schwoch of 203 Oak Hill Court, Watertown, Wisconsin, is a machine shop instructor in the Water- 
town Vocational and Adult School. . . , Lewis H. Precourt is 1 making his new home at 1234 West Glendale, 
Appleton, Wisconsin. . . , Mr, & Mrs. Jerome L, Duncan (Audrey Pollock) are living at 6329 47th Avenue, 
Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is a graphic arts instructor at the McKinley Junior High School. , . , Mrs. Elizabeth 
Zuehlke (Elizabeth Kasson), homemaker, is living at 2 34 Estberg Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin. . . , Howard 
M, Heigl is an occupational extension coordinator for the State Board of Vocational and Adult Education. He 
lives at 9 Beach Street, Madison 5, Wisconsin, , , . Ralph E, Smith is a Master Sergent in the United States 

Air Force, He and his family are in Japan where he is stationed David Bieniasz (M. S. ) is an industrial 

arts teacher at Amery Public Schools and lives in Amery, Wisconsin. . , , Stanley L, Meyer makes his home 
at Box 203, Springfield, South Dakota, 

Herbert H. Pringle, Jr, , drafting teacher at the Idaho Falls Senior High School, resides at 2250 Curlew Drive, 
Idaho Falls, Idaho, , . , Mrs. Virginia Armour is the homemaker of her home in Brownsville, Wisconsin, , , . 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Wingert (Marguerite A. Nisen) have their residence at 644 Haasan Street, Hutchinson, 
Minnesota, Richard is process engineer at the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co, . . , Roy Willmarth is 
a woodworking instructor at Archbishop Hanna Center. He lives at 264 Wilking Way, Wonoma, California. 

Mr, & Mrs. Lewis E, Lausted (Celia Fritz) are dairy farming at Route 2, Colfax, Wisconsin, . . Mrs. Donald 
Rock (Carolyn Solem) is teaching home economics and world history at the Hazel Green Union High School, 
She lives at Box 252, Benton, Wisconsin, , . , Mr. Jack E, Rupert is general metals instructor at South Sterling 
Morton High School and makes his home at 1340 East Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois, . , . Charles Vlcek, television 
coordinator at Central, Washington College, makes his new residence in Ellensburg, Washington. . , , Thomas 
M. Williams lives at 14502 Keatings Drive, La Mirada, California. He is teaching mechanical and architect- 
urals drafting in the Fullerton Union High School District. . , . Mr, & Mrs, Harlan E. Giese (Marilyn Jean 
Webb) make their home at 127 Franklin, Waterloo, Iowa, Harlan is a vocational metals instructor at the East 
and West High Schools and teaches adult evening school. , . . Mr, & Mrs. John Christianson (Diane Klemme), 
guidance counselor at the Madison East High School, is living at 2106 Center Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin, , . . 
Roger L, Hanson is teaching machine shop at the West Allis Central High School and residing at 2406 South 
74th Street, West Allis 19, Wisconsin, . . , John H. Youngren of 4741 Louisiana Avenue North, Crystal 27, 
Minnesota, is the department chairman and senior high school wood instructor in the Independent School 
District, , , .Donald W. O'Brien (M.S. ) has his residence at Center Plaza, 675 Seward, Detroit 2, Michigan, 
He is teaching at the Cass Technical High School, 

Carl I. Spinti is living at 3507 1st Avenue North, Great Falls, Montana, He is instructing printing and sheet 
metal at the Great Falls High School. . . , Lovern Nauss of 712 2nd Avenue Northeast, is living in Austin, 
Minnesota, and teaching industrial arts in the Austin Public Schools. , , , Edward Clary has his home at 1658 
Chateau Place, Anaheim, California. He is a teacher of drafting and department chairman at the Dale Junior 
High School, , , , Mr. & Mrs, Jerome A, Sommer (Donna Neerhof) make their home at 1603 Wisconsin Avenue, 
Racine , Wisconsin. Jerome is an industrial arts teacher at the William Horlick High School. . . Mr. & Mrs. 
Gerald Wick (Virginia Ehlers) have their residence at 405 7th Avenue, Hurley, Wisconsin, and he is an 
industrial arts instructor at the J. E. Murphy High School, . , . Leo Janis of 12341 West Woods Road, Hales 
Corners, Wisconsin, is employed at the Zion- Benton Township High School as a drafting instructor, . , . Irene 
Novinski Murray is the homemaker of 1815 South Holly Way, Lansing 10, Michigan, , . . Elwood "Woody" Bilse 
(M. S. ) has his home at 627 Boyd Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, He is teaching industrial arts at the 
Goodrich Senior High School. , . , Glenn J, Matl of 1313 1/2 Sixth Street, Beloit, Wisconsin, is an instructor 
of woodworking and refinishing at the Beloit Vocational and Adult School. . , . Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Lemke (Caryl 
Ann Teasdale) are living at Box 165, Darlington, Wisconsin. Elmer is doing graduate studies at the 
University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Caryl is teaching home economics at the Benton High School. . . . Mr. 
& Mrs. Robert Foster (Mae Rammer) are both teaching while they make their home at 2224 Grove Avenue, 
Waukegan, Illinois. Bob is teaching general shop at the Daniel Webster Junior High Schoo, and Mae has 
fifth grade at the Whittier School. , , , Mr, & Mrs. Charles Schanck (Charlene Polivka) make their home at 204 
East River, L'Anse, Michigan, Charley instructs woodworking at the L'Anse High School, . , , Mr, & Mrs, 
David A. Young (Janice Poetter) have their home at 14334 Harrison Avenue, Posen, Illinois, Dave is an 
auto mechanics instructor at the Bremen High School, , . , James F, Warnecke resides at 1002 Grove Avenue 

■ Waukegan, Illinois and teaches industrial arts at the Webster Junior High School, . . , Mr. & Mrs. James S. 
Mau (Patricia Ryan) have a new home at 6332 7th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin, At Lincoln Junior High 
School, Jim is an industrial arts instructor. 

James R. Daines of 618 Park Avenue, North Mankato, Minnesota, is instructing industrial arts at the Mankato 
State College. . . . Richard Roberts, metals teacher for the West Bend School of Vocational and Adult Education, 
lives at 10 6 North 7th Avenue, West Bend, Wisconsin. . . , Noel Lehner is a welding and driver training 
instructor at the Wisconsin School for Boys in Wales, and lives at 233 East Street Road, Box 144 North 
Prairie, Wisconsin, , . , Ervin F, Birkholz makes his home at 1240 Partridge Avenue, Beloit, Wisconsin, 
while he is machine shop instructor in Beloit Public Schools, , . , Ernest D, Messmer has his residence at 
Box 214, Cameron, Wisconsin, , . . T. Ellsworth Felton, service manager for the Wiley Motor Company, 
lives at 315 Cleveland Avenue, Owosso, Michigan, , . .Donald Pritc'hard of Route 2, North Freedom, Wisconsin 
is instructing industrial arts and driver education at the Prairie Du Sac Public Schools. , , Larry G. Loveland 
is teaching woods in the Plainwell High School, He lives at 320 South Main, Plainwell, Michigan. , , . Gary D. 
Peterson, service correspondent for the McCullock Corporation, resides at 907 Saint Paul Avenue, Saint 
Paul, Minnesota, . , .Mr, & Mrs, Earl Lehman (Flora J, Spinti) are both teaching and live at Box 105, 
Drummond, Wisconsin, Earl is teaching industrial arts, and Flora is a teacher of home economics at the 
Drummohd High School, , , , Nathalie Wick Hanson, home agent of Essex County, resides at 22 Marion Avenue, 
Millburn, New Jersey. . . , Mr, & Mrs, Don Woelffer (Patricia Seibert) have their home at 2728 Hickman 
Road, Des Moines 10, Iowa, Don is a sales representative for Dixie Cup Company. . , .Mr. & Mrs, John 
Jordon (Carol R, Hahn) are living at 6612 Humboldt Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, John is a 
technical aid at the Northern States Power Company, and Carol is the director of the test kitchen at Inter- 
national Milling Company, , Fred Ponschok resides at 114 Stevens Avenue, Shawano, Wisconsin, and works 
at the Shawano Senior High School. , . , Neal Edman (M. S, ) of Box 23, Ely, Minnesota, teaches machine shop 
and descriptive geometry at the Ely Memorial High School and Ely Junior College. . , . Mr. Ronald D. Woodliff, 
■ electrical engineer for the AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors has his home at 3878 South Massachu- 
setts Avenue, Milwaukee 20, Wisconsin, . . . Guy Long (M. S. ) lives at 124 West Grand, Chippewa Falls, 
Wisconsin and teaches industrial arts. . , , F. G. Reuter is assistant principal in the State of Minnesota, He 
resides at 856 Elm Street, Red Wing, Minnesota. 

Wi-liam Sislo of 1401 Popla Avenue, Superior, Wisconsin, is teaching woodworking. . , , Miss Murial Lehman, 
home economics instructor for the University of Minnesota, lives at 2 627 East 7th Street, Duluth, Minnesota, 
Mr, & Mrs. Maurice F. Guptill (Helen Baldwin) have their home at 5035 East Cooper, Tucson, Arizona. 
Maurice is instructing industrial arts in the Pubelo High School, , , , Tonya A. Schmitz, home service advisor 
for the Milwaukee Gas Light Company, has her home at 1902 Number Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee 2, Wis, . . 
Mrs, Stanley Suk (Mary Rezek) is the customer service engineer for the Friden Inc.' and lives at 1443 C 
157th Street, Gardena, California. , , .Mr. & Mrs. William Andersen, (Barbara Hartig) have moved to 
Green Bay where Bill is teaching. . . . Almand H, Thibault, instructor at Walter Johnson Senior High School, 
resides at 905 15th Street, Virginia, Minnesota. , , . Steven E. Butz , data processing specifications man for 
AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors, lives at 309 East Adams Avenue, Cudahy, Wisconsin. , . , Eleanor 
Weltzin is an assistant dietitian for the Marin General Hospital, her home is at 95 Meoway, San Rafael, 
California. . . . Robert Duren (M. S, ) is a woodworking instructor at Stout State College, . . . Richard D. Haug 
lives at 92 00 Calumet Avenue, Munster, Indiana. He is methods engineer for the Simmons Company. 
Donald Sohn is a gyro engineer for the AC Spark Plug Division of General Electric, , . , Raymond L. Thurston 
(M. S, ) has his home at 7 310 Williamson, Dearborn, Michigan, He is working on his doctorial candidacy in 
Industrial Arts and is also a substitute teacher there in Wayne State University, . Ernest Oyma, 
Industrial arts teacher at the Stanley High School, lives at 133 1/2 North Broadway, Stanley, Wisconsin, , , , 
Mr, & Mrs. Andrew J. Kurey make their home at N89W15135 Jefferson Avenue, Menomonee Falls, Wis, 
He is an industrial arts teacher at Foxpoint-Bayside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, , . . Richard G. Smith of 1606 
East 4th Street, Superior, Wisconsin, is teaching drawing and graphic arts. . , . Mr, & Mrs, Richard Werblow 
(Carol Becker) make their home at 105 West Brooklyn Street, Chilton, Wisconsin. Dick is teaching industrial 
arts and is an assistant principal at Hilbert High School, and Carol is teaching home economics at Chilton 
High School. . , . Mr. & Mrs, Glenn G, Brooks (Lorraine Swanson) have their residence at Evermann Apart- 
ments W-365, Bloomington, Indiana, Glenn, assistant production supervisor at Indiana University, is 
working on his Doctor's degree in audio- visual education. Lorraine is the film booker in the circulation 
department. . . . Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Penn (Ann E. Kofoed) live at 1145 Huntington Drive, South Pasadena, 
California, where Gary is teaching woodworking and drafting, , , .Allan Rusch makes his home at Box 91 
Abbotsford, Wisconsin. Allan is teaching algebra and general science at the Dor-Abby High School, , . , Ivan 
Isaacson resides at 813 W, New York Avenue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and instructs general shop at the Merrill 
Junior High School. . . . Mrs, Ruth Vandervort (Ruth A, Thomas) is teaching homemaking at the Spencer High 
School and has her home at 1509 Palmetto Avenue, Marshfield, Wisconsin, . , , Mrs, Gerald Pinter (Ruby 

Dietsche), homemaker, lives at Route 1, Abbotsford, Wisconsin. , , .Leonard Wilde of 12015 Georgia Avenue, 
Silver Spring, Maryland, is an industrial arts teacher in the Montgomery County Schools, . . . William J, Allen 
has his residence at 815 W. Lincoln, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. . , , Bradley Hubing, drafting teacher at the 
Stoughton Public Schools, lives at 910 S. Page, Stoughton, Wisconsin. . . . Ronald J. Ebben has his home at 
444 2nd Street, Reedsburg, Wisconsin. He is an instructor of drawing and woodworking at the Webb High 
School. . . . Mrs. Alan D. Nelson (Marion Lohr), head of homemaking department, Lincoln High School, lives 
at 911 Wylie Street, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, , , . R. J. Van Dreser is the audio-visual director at Lake , 
Park High School, and he makes his residence at 317 East Ardmor, Roselle, Illinois 

Mr, & Mrs, Eddie K. Birch (Carol Stallard) are making their home at 1160 Queens Lane, Anoka, Minnesota. ' 
They are both teaching, . . , Bruce O. Rabe is teaching in Prairie Farm, Wisconsin. . , . Mr. & Mrs. Allen 
Mattson (Octe Heis) are living in Menomonie, Wisconsin, where Allen is attending graduate school. , . . Sandra 
John, supervisor of food, Marshall Field and Company, lives at 1445 North State Parkway, Chicago 14, 
Illinois, , , , Mrs, Carol Rankin (Carol Smith) is teaching home economics at the New Richmond Senior High 
School and lives at 213 South 3rd Street, River Falls, Wisconsin. . , . Ronald T. Okazaki of Laupahoehoe, 
Hawaii, is shop instructor at the Laupahoehoe High School. . , .Donald L. C. Hoffman, product engineer, AC 
Spark Plub Division of General Motors Corporation is making his home at 1555 East Kensington Boulevard, 
Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin, , , . Clarence L, Heyel (M. S; ) is residing at 4306 Joplin Drive, Rockville, Mary- 
land, He is instructor/of graphic arts at the Sligo Junior High School and attends the University of Maryland, 
He is working on his Doctor's degree, . . .SP/4 Larry J. Ellefson RA17538283, 593rd Trans. Det. (MSHFM) 
LAAC, Fort Benning, Georgia, is an army aviation supply specialist. . . . Thomas Grosskop, tool and die 
designer, Metalfab Company, is living at Star Route, Shawano, Wisconsin. . , .Mrs, J. M. Doyle (Margaret A 
Douglas) is making her home at 514 Fourth Street, Iron River, Michigan, She is a homemaking instructor at 
the Crystal Falls High School, , , , Roger R. Heppner has his residence at 4926 West County LN Road 96N, 
Mequan, Wisconsin and teaches metalworking at Granville High School. . . .Amanda Tumm is a homemaking 
instructor at the Portage Junior High School, She resides at 506 West Wisconsin Street, Portage, Wisconsin. 
Brian Kirby makes his home at Woodbury, Connecticut, and is an industrial arts teacher and audio-visual 
coordinator for the Southbury Training School. . . . Louis E. Milsted is residing at 309 Park, Sheboygan, 
Wisconsin. He is teaching industrial arts in North Sheboygan. . . , Mr. John G. Schoenoff is making his home 
at 1810 North Berendo, Hollywood27, California, and he teaches industrial arts at the John Burroughs 
Junior High School. . . . Mrs. Marvin Faust (Sylvia Felland), assistant dietitian for Saint Dominic- Jackson 
Memorial Hospital; lives at 3419 North State Street, Jackson 6, Mississippi, , . . Mrs. Jerold Apps (Ruth 
Ellen Olson) is a housewife, living at 1242 Cass' Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin. , ,/. Mr. & Mrs, Stewart N, 
Shaft are living at 615 Ninth Avenue Southwest, Fairbault, Minnesota, He is administrative assistant for the 
Nutting Truck and Caster Company. . , , Barbara Bosch, therapeutic dietitian, Saint Vincent Hospital, is 
making her home at 1123 Cass Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin. . . .Dennis E. Darling of 1414 West Lawn 
Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin, is teaching industrial arts at the Mitchell Junior High School. , . . John A. Moore, 
junior industrial engineer for the Harnischfeger Corporation, has his residence at 2413 West Carroll Avenue, 
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, , . . Ronald Spaeth of 1109 1/2 Dodge, ' Kewanee, Wisconsin, is an industrial arts 
instructor at the Kewaunee High School. . ; . Charles R. Moroni, teacher of metals, and drafting for the Sunny 
Hills High School, resides at 7180 Syracuse Avenue, Stantan, California Duane L. Kasten makes his 
home at 1913 Kings Court, Wausau, Wisconsin, , . . Ellen Schroeder is teaching homemaking at the Mauston 
Public High School and lives in Wonewoc, Wisconsin 

Patricia Zastrow has her home at Box 14S, Clintonville, Wisconsin. . . . John C. Stroebel lives at 917 East 
Meadow Place, Milwaukee 17, Wisconsin. , , , Joyce Fraedrich Walter is the homemaker of 2108 Edsall 
Court, Alameda, California. , , . Arlaine Hallberg is a substitute teacher in the Geneva High School and resides 
at Stevens Street, Geneva, Illinois, . . . Richard W. Y. Hew has his home at Box 238, Pukalani, Hawaii. . . , 
Wayne H, Towne of 5107A North 32nd Street, Milwaukee 9, Wisconsin, is teaching at the John Muir Junior 
High School. . . , Carol Perso has her home at 115 1/2 Vilas Avenue, Nekoosa, Wisconsin. , . .Armour A. Allen 
lives at 227 West College Avenue, Waukesha, Wisconsin, and teaches industrial arts in the Waukesha School 
System. . . . Floyd Belt has his residence at 3350 Amour Street, Port Huron, Michigan. He is a teacher of 
drafting at the Port Huron High School. , , , Mr, & Mrs. Charles Hornick (Beverly Retzloff) have their home at 
7210 Euston Street, Greendale, Wisconsin. Chuck is the specification man for AC Spark Plug Division of 
General Electric, and Beverly is a home economics teacher at the Horace Mann Junior High School, , , . J, P, 
Christoffel of 868 11 1/2 Street Southwest, Rochester, Minnesota, is a design engineer for IBM, . , . Jeanette 
Kramer is employed by the Northern States Power Company as a home economics. She lives at 1413 Emery 
Street, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. . . , Warren M, Clark of 5383 Knollwood Drive, Parma 29, Ohio, is a wood- 
working instructor at the Thomas Jefferson Junior High School. . , , Harold V. Delfosse has his home at 209 
Jackson Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and teaches at the Beaver Dam School of Vocational and Adult 
Education. , , . Charles H, Anhalt of 3517 Northwood Road, Port Huron, Michigan, is Port Huron High School's 

general metals instructor, , , Mr. & Mrs, Robert J, Boehm make their home at 2429 Lakeside Place, Green 
Bay, Wisconsin, Bob is the woods and drafting instructor at the Preble High School, . . , Joe Carravetta is a 
mathematics teacher at the Daniel Webster Junior High School. He resides at 1939 Apache Road, Waukegan, 
Illinois. , , , Mrs. Philip Zipp (Caroline E. Wettstein) is a housewife and lives at 609 Carney Boulevard, 
Marinette, Wisconsin. . , . Robert L. Pearson, industrial arts and general science teacher in a junior high 
school, lives at Wayzata, Minnesota. , , . Philip Hansen has his residence 1614 West Capital Drive, Milwaukee 
6, Wisconsin. He is in charge of monotype and linotype printing in the Milwaukee Boys Technical High School 
Mr. & Mrs, Thomas G. Rosenthal (Jean Sprain) are making their home at 3300 Elizabeth Lake Road, Pontiac, 
Michigan. Tom teaches mathematics, science, and is a guidance counselor at the Washington Junior High 
School Mr. & Mrs. Monte J. McDonald (Nancy Feuerstein) of Markesan, Wisconsin, are both teaching, . , , 
Barbara Wallen, homemaking instructor, Baldwin High School, lives in Baldwin, Wisconsin, . , . Mr. & Mrs. 
Peter Schneider (Dorothy Walter) make their home at 510 West Millard, New London, Wisconsin. He is an 
industrial arts instructor and Dorothy is a teacher and homemaker. They are both teaching at the Washington 
High School, . , . Mrs, Donald A, Evert (Carole Hoppe) is the homemaker of 17904 West Roosevelt Avenue, 
New Berlin, Wisconsin, . . . Katchen Kubitz of 29 South Watertown, Waupun, , Wisconsin, is teaching in the 
Waupun Junior-Senior High School. 

Lois Accola is now living in Cassville, Wisconsin, . . . Mary Alms is residing at 629 University SE Apt, 1, 
Minneapolis 14, Minnesota, , . , Mrs, Robert Hirayama is living at 1246-C Heulu St. , Honolulu 14, Hawaii, . , , 
Stanley Hilgendorf is teaching at Badger High School and is living at Route 1, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. . , , 
Maurice Alswede is living at 701 Chase Lane, Lombard, Illinois. . . , Jean Arneson is in Green Bay, Wis. and 
is living at 710 Stuart St. . , . Robert Badzinski is residing in Bonduel, Wisconsin, , , . John Banks is living and 
teaching in Edgerton, Wisconsin where his address is 306 W. Rollin. , , , Richard Barberg lives at Route 1, 

Casco, Wisconsin. . . , Charles Bartel is in Watertown, Wisconsin and lives at 600 6th St. S The former 

Bonnie Vanderbilt is now Mrs, Keith Bartig, and lives at 523 Lyon St. , Ripon, Wisconsin. , . . The former 
Sonja Matz is now Mrs, Roger Mauer and lives at 603 1st Avenue, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. . . , Kim Baugrud is 
in graduate school here at Stout and resides at 815 Fair Oaks, Menomonie, 'Wisconsin. . . .Marilyn Behling is 
in Bonduel, Wisconsin, where her address is Box 74. , , , The former Bernadette Stehr is now Mrs, Jerry 
Schoen and lives at 703 1/2 Strongs Avenue, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. . . , Nancy Behrents is living at 118 E, 
Merrill Ave, , Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. . , , Mrs, Winfred Bezella, the former Mary Herber is living at 
1246 North 116 Street, Wauwatosa 13, Wisconsin. . . .Donald Bilse is doing graduate work at Ball State 
Teachers College (North Hall), Muncie, Indiana. . . . The former Carol Stallard is now Mrs. Eddie Birch arid 
resides at 1160 Queens Lane, Anoka, Minnesota. ... , Carol Bishop is studying at Texas Women's University to 
earn her Masters Degree and lives at 1205 1/2 Austin Ave, , Denton, Texas, . , . Thomas D. Bispala is in the 
armed services; his address is Co, C. 4th Bn, 2nd tng, Regt. Basic, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, , , . 
Marilyn Blotz is a home demonstration agent for Ramsey Company and lives at 2020 White Bear Avenue, 

St. Paul 9, Minnesota Dick Bortz is now living at 113 E. Forest Avenue, Ypsilanti, Michigan. , . . Ronald 

Braun is in the-.armed forces and his address is Hq & Hq Co, 2nd B. G, 127 Inf. Wis, N. G, , Fort Lewis, 
Washington, . , .Dorothy Braunwarth is teaching in Wausau, Wisconsin,- where her address is 914 Grand 
Avenue, Apt. 6, Wausau, Wisconsin. . . . Charles Bryan lives at 8214 Tripp Avenue, Skokie, Illinois. . . . Julia 
Brzezowicz is presently living at Waldo, Wisconsin. . , , Janice Smith, now Mrs. David Chesemore, is living 
in College, Alaska, where her address is Wildlife Research Unit, Box 998. . , . Pat Choitz is living at 15073 
Faust, Detroit 23, Michigan. , , , Charles Christensen is teaching at Argentine High School which is at 22nd & 
Ruby in Kansas City 6, Kansas. , , .Donald Clark is living at 106 A 1st Avenue West, Menomonie, Wisconsin. 
Mary Conzemius works at the Redwood County Extension Office, Redwood Falls, Minnesota. , , . John E, 
Corbin lives at Box 137, Pembine, Wisconsin, , . . Mary Ellen Cordy is teaching at Superior Central High, 
School, in Superior, Wisconsin, . , , Mr. & Mrs, Robert Danielson, Mrs. is the former Rita Bohman, are 
living at 6587 Greenway, Apartment 2, Greendale, Wisconsin, . . .Janet Crook is living at Route 2, Box 139, 

Ripon, Wisconsin. . . , Donna Dempsey is teaching in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, and lives at 202 Oak St 

Conrad Dejardin is living at 2 621 Parkridge Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin. , . , Mary Diedrich is living at 209 
East Jackson, Port Washington, Wisconsin. . . . The former Mildred Robbins is now Mrs, Allard Eastland and 
lives at 5756 Franklin Road, Birmingham, Michigan. . . .Sister M. Dorothea F. S. P. A, is livingat 1419 Cass 
Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin, . , , Avalene Drake is in Hammond, Wisconsin. , , .Diana Evans is teaching at 
Cumberland High School, Cumberland, Wisconsin, ., , .Agnes Falkowski is teaching at Brussels High School in 
Brussels, Wisconsin. . . . The former Anne Marie Dahl is now Mrs, Max Farning and lives at 335 2nd Street, 
Plainview, Minnesota, , , . Joseph Figlmiller lives at 1409 Delvale Avenue, Baltimore 22, Maryland. , . . The 
former Sarah Williams is now Mrs, Allan Finnell and lives at Route 1, Chenoa, Illinois, , , , The former 
Ramona Getschel is now Mrs. Flanum and lives in Anoka, Minnesota where her address is Box 36, Marges 
Trailer Court. . , , Mary Jane Fleury is doing demonstration work for a gas company and lives at 819 2nd 
Avenue South, Minneapolis 2, Minnesota, , , , Nancy Fruit is in Flushing, New York and lives at Royal Northern 
Apts, 2N, 147-25 Northern Blvd. . , , DuWayne Gilchrist lives at 152 Grant Street, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, . . . 
William Glasenapp Jr. lives at Route 2, Box 62, Mukwonago, Wisconsin. . . . Cynthia Goehring teaches at 

Wausau, Wisconsin and lives at 914 Grand Avenue, "Apt, 6. , , . James W. ' Guilbault lives at Necedah, Wis. , 
Donald Hansen resides at'516 Starr- Avenue, ; Eau Claire, Wisconsin. . , . James Hansen is teaching at Marshall 
JrV-Senior High School and lives "at 41 41 'North 64"th' Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. . . , L. J. Harr lives in 
Abbotsford, Wisconsin and 'his address is Box 502, , . , The former Jean Smith is now Mrs. Grant Hartman 
and lives at 189 'Mills Street, Waterloo, Wisconsin, , . , William Harycki teaches at Regis High School in 
Eau Claire, Wisconsin and his address is' 2100 Fenwi'ck, , , . James'F,' Herr is' in the armed. forces and his 
address is U. S. S. Antares (AKS- 33), c/o Fleet Post Office, 'New York, ; 'New York. . .. Mrs /Edward Phelan 
is now'living inLot'68 Park Side'Trailer Court, Rochester, Minnesota, , . '.' The former Mary Metz is now 
Mrs, Peter Higby and is living at Route 6 Box 11 6, Battle Creek, Michigan. . , . Sharon Horch is living at 
1617 North Prospect Avenue; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, . . . The former Deanna Howell is now Mrs, George 
Hause and lives at Route 3, Edgertoh, Wisconsin.;. , .John Hutar lives at 911 East 21st Street-Apt. 2, Minn- 
eapolis, Minnesota. , ',". Mr. & Mrs, Paul Jensen (Joanne Heinz) are living at 435 Woodland Drive, Strum, 
Wisconsin. . ..'Lois Jessie is in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin and her'a'ddress is Box '458. ,', , The former JoAnn 
Schoemer is now Mrs, Richard Parox and lives ac 631 Wolff, Apt, 33, Denver, Colorado, /'. .The former 
Joanne Johannihg is nOw Mrs,' Donald Sohn and lives it 3536 South 77th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, . . , 
Darlene Johnsoti is living at 706 1/2 South Moore, Blue Earth, Minnesota, . . ; 2nd Lt, Alice Johnson is in St. 
Louis, Missouri, where her address is Box 223 Olin Hall, 4550 Scott Avenue. . , , Karen La Vonne Johnson is 
teaching in Ellsworth," Wisconsin and her address is Box 245, . , , Margaret Johnson is working at the Hines 
Hospital in Hines, Illinois and her address is' Box 381,. , .Lorraine Jordan is living at 417 Eisenhower Ave. , 
Janes ville, Wisconsin, . , , Jerome Kain is li'-'ng at 327 Perkins Blvd. , Burlington, Wisconsin, . . . Ronald 
Kaut'zls teaching high school and lives at 3271 North Richards Street, Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin. . . .' Frank 
Kaz'lau'sky is teaching school in Fox Lake,' Illinois, and is living at 12 Ridgeland Avenue, . , .Karen Kotts is 
living at 29 ; OVerhill : Road, Youngstown 12, Ohio, . ,. Doris' Lazaris resides at 220 West Estey, Shullsburg, 
Wisconsin; , .T'Ha'nard' Lien is teaching at the Lewiston Public School in'Lewiston, Minnesota. ,i . Darlene Ling 
is living at'18476'Oakfield, Detroit 35, 1 Michigan. . . , Ardala Littlefield is in Washburn , Wisconsin where her 
address-' is 'Box 146y ';'■.-. The ; former Barbara Schuchter is now Mrs. Francis. Markl and lives at 201 Clark St. , 
Watertowh, : Wi-seorisin, , ,, Ned McDonald is living at 801 Le Roy Avenue, Rock Falls, Illinois. . . . Sandra 
Maxwell' is doin'g' , graduate : wo'rk at Iowa State University and her address is 307 Barton Hall, Ames, Iowa. . , . 
Joan Mayour is living at 3440 South Emerson, Minneapolis, Minnesota. . . , Thomas McDonald is livng at 518 
Susan Street, Kinberly, Wisconsin, , . , Robert Meier lives at 2304 Linden Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland, , , . 
Jesse Meloiing resides at 814 North 7th Street; Eau Claire, Wisconsin. , . . Jean Moran is living at 8633 North 
Street, Milwaukeey, Wisconsin. . . , Mary Mueller is in Augusta, Wisconsin and her address is Box 341 
Lawrence Ne'lsen is at Route- 1 Box 234A, Salem, Wisconsin, ... Deanna Neumann is at 1302 A, South 15th 
Manitowoc, Wisconsin. . . .The former Barbara Dickinson is now Mrs, Robert Neumann. Mr, & Mrs. 
Neumann reside at>-3024 W. Parnel, Apt. 2, Milwaukee 21, Wisconsin, . . . Donald Noll is at the State Train- 
ing School in Red Wing, Minnesota. , , , Rosalind Nuttelman is living at 415 West Park Avenue, Waukesha, 
Wisconsin'. , . . HarVeyOland is' teaching at Goodman High School in Goodman, Wisconsin. , , .Mr. & Mrs. 
Bruce Olander (Karla Hartke) are living at 144 Lake Street, Pewaukee, Wisconsin. ,;, The former Ruth Brill 
is now Mrs. Donovan Olson and lives at 210 North Main Street, River Falls, Wisconsin. ... Galen Olson is 
now living at 922 Division Street, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, , , . John T, O'Reilly is out in Fort Lewis, Wash. . . , 
Lois Paradis is teaching at Siren Consolidated School in Siren, Wisconsin. , . . Robert Pelton is living at 4915 
Gordon Avenue, : Apt'.' 3, - Madison 4,' Wisconsin. , , .Carol Ann Peterson resides at 1 South Sherman .Apt. 201 
Denver, Colorado, ,.-..■., Mrs, ^Virginia Hubbard Phelan is in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where her address is 31 1/2 
West Marshall. . . , Dennis 'Phillips is in Downs ville, Wisconsin and his address is Box 65, , , , Charles Pinke- 
pank is teaching: at the* Watertown Vocational School, irf'Watertown, Wisconsin, . . . The former Jean Owen is 
now Mrs; Roger'Poff and lives' at 1511 West Larpenteur'-A venue, Apt. 2, St, Paul 13, Minnesota. ... Tony 
Pollinois in Cleveland, Ohio, and lives at 1841 Cliffview Gardens,' Suite 104. , Inez Porter is a dietetic 
intern at Aneker Hospital,. St. Paul 1, Minnesota: . . . Mary Price is teaching at Rice Lake High School, Rice 
Lake, Wisconsin. , , , The former Ellen Terry is now Mrs. Edwin Przybylski and lives at .6026 32nd Ave. , 
Kenosha, Wisconsin. , . . The former Avis Dutton is now Mrs. Edgar Ranney, She is teaching high school and 
lives at Route 1, Boyceville, Wisconsin. , . . Joan Quilling is living at 1237 1/2 Main Street, Marinette, Wis. . 
Marjorie Rauwerdink is living at 231 East Chestnut Street, Stillwater, Minnesota. , . . The former Anne Thiel 
is now Mrs, Roger Reuther. Mr, & Mrs, Roger Reuther resides at 7324 West Oklahoma Avenue, West Allis 
19, Wisconsin. . . . Charles Roeder lives at 80 Palisade Avenue, Cliffside Park, New Jersey. , . . Irving Ruff 
is living at 6200 Highland Lane, Greendale, Wisconsin, . . . The former Carole Waterstreet is now Mrs. Rymer 
and lives at 1120 Elizabeth Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin. . . . Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sabatke lives at Route 2 
Box 105, Onalaska, Wisconsin. . . , James Sand is in the armed forces and his address is Co, A. 1st B. G. 
128 Inf. 32 Division, Fort Lewis, Washington. , . , Gloria Sawyer is living at 223 Main, Reedsburg, Wis. . . . 
Mrs. Sally Schendel resides at 1601 Chadbourne Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin. , , , The former Alice Schweizer 
is now Mrs. Fred Schleg and is teaching at the Menomonie High School while her husband attends graduate 
school here at Stout. . . . Marilynn Schley is teaching at Butte Des Morts Jr. High School and lives at 501 Tayco 
Stroet, Menasha, Wisconsin, . . . The former Karen Wichman is now Mrs, Jerome Schmidt and lives at 1100 

East 78th Street, Minneapolis 2 3, Minnesota. . . . Jerald Schoenike is teaching at South High School in 
Sheboygan, Wisconsin. . . . Virginia Scott is living at 2201 Aldrich Avenue, South, Apt. 103, Minneapolis 5, 
Minnesota, . , . Alvin Schroeder resides at 1511 Philippen Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. . . . Roger Senft is 
living at 134 Douglas Street, Jesup, Iowa, . , .Donald E. Severson is in graduate school here at Stout, , , , 
Lavern Smith lives at 340 24th Street NE, Rochester, Minnesota, , , . Paul Smith is living at 527 1/2 Stark 
Street, Wausau, Wisconsin. , , , Susan Smith resides in Cashton, Wisconsin. . . . Gerald Sorenson is living at 
Route 2, Edon, Ohio, , , , Geraldine Speltz lives at 408 West Avenue, Red Wing, Minnesota. , , .Patricia 
Spielman reside at Walker's Cottages, Route 2, Wautoma, Wisconsin. . . , Elaine Staaland is teaching at 
Oostburg.High School in Oostburg, Wisconsin. . , , Bonita Standaertilives in Cashton, Wisconsin and her 
address is Box 185. .. . Gerald Stauffacher is living at 5702 Cardinal Court, Greendaie, Wisconsin. . . . juee >, 
Steinhilber resides. at 207 1/2 6th St. , Wausau, Wisconsin, . , . Mike Sucharski is living at 622 East Main St, , 
Sparta, Wisconsin. , . . Gloria Sutton is teaching at Berlin High.. School and lives at 169 Sumner Street, Berlin, 
Wisconsin, , . , Irma Thompson lives at 169 Sumner St. , Berlin, Wisconsin. , . . Carlotta Tichy resides at 
1034 East La Salle, Barron, Wisconsin, . , , Rose Ann Tiller is living at Route 1, Blue River, Wisconsin. , , . 
Mrs, Arlene Unertl is living at Box 14, Rudyard, Michigan, . . , Harry Van Rite is living in Belmont, Wis. . , . 
Vern Verkuilen lives at 715 15th Avenue, Bloomer, Wisconsin. . . , Donald Waterstreet resides at 2616 
Parkridge Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin. . . . Harry Watts is in Hartland, Wisconsin and his address is c/o 
The Buars, Route 2. , , . Duane Webb is living at Granada, Minnesota and his address is Box 7 3, , , , Marilyn 
Wegge is in Byron, Minnesota, , , , Pat Wenner is living at 610 Island Street, Apartment 3, Chippewa Falls, 
Wisconsin. , , . Thomas Widule is living at 1757 1/2 Wisconsin, Beloit, Wisconsin. , , . John Winterhalter lives 
at 8027 North Knox Avenue, Skokie, Illinois. . , . Charles Wrobel resides at 705 Oakdale Avenue, St. Paul 6, 
Minnesota, , , . Marilyn Young is in Ewa, Hawaii and her address is PO Box 557, , . . Frank Zaboj is attending 
graduate school here at Stout, , . , Jacqueline Zielinski is living at 118 1/2 West 9th Street, Kaukauna, Wis, 
Irfan Zorlu lives and works in Turkey. , , , Mr. & Mrs, Richard J, Seitz (Bonnie Conrad) are making 
their home at 913 Marquette Avenue, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dick does in-service training with the 
AC Spark Plug Division, and Bonnie is teaching at the South Milwaukee Junior High School, , , . Miss Mary L. 
Weiking, home economics teacher of the New Richmond Junior High School, has her home at 256 East 3rd 
Street, New Richmond, Wisconsin. . . .Austin Winsor has his home at 838 11th Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 
and is an instructor of industrial arts at the East High School. 


Daughter, born to Mr, & Mrs. Conrad Mayer, 2739 35th Street, Two Rivers, Wisconsin. ... Daughter, Julee, 
born to Mr. & Mrs, Arno Dittbrenner, Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. ,,. Son, Mr, &Mrs. Arnold H, Potthast, 
Port Washington, Wisconsin. ... Baby, born to Mr. &Mrs. Don F, Winters, Route One, McBean, Georgia. 
Daughter, Ellen, born to Mr. & Mrs. Robert T, Hirano, Hilo, Hawaii. , . . Boy, born to Mr. & Mrs. Armour, 
(Virginia Jacobson), Brownsville, Wisconsin. , . , Son, Mark, born to Mr. & Mrs, Richard C. Wingert, 644 
Hassan Street South, Hutchinson, Minnesota. . , . Son, Bill, born to Mr, & Mrs, Jack E. Rupert, 1340 East 
Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois. ... Daughter, Beverly, born to Mr, & Mrs, Charles Vlcek, 1324 Edgewood La. , 
Eau Claire, Wisconsin. ... Son, born to Mr. & Mrs. T, Ellsworth Felton, 315 Cleveland, Avenue, Owosso, 
Michigan. , . , Daughter, Betty Jo, born to Mr. & Mrs, Ronald J, Ebben 444 2nd Street, Reedsburg, Wis. . . . 
Daughter, Barbara Jo, born to Mr. & Mrs, Joe Carravetta, 1939 Apache Road, Waukegan, Illinois.,,. 
Daughter, Elizabeth Ann, born to Mr, & Mrs, Austin Winsor, 838 11th Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin,,,. 
Son, Billy born to Mr. & Mrs. William J, Baer, 1526 Kenwood Avenue, Beloit, Wisconsin, ... Son, Tom 
born to Mr, & Mrs. Rossi. Slater, 1 15 8 Statker Avenue West, St. Paul 18, Minnesota. .,, Daughter, Jana 
Marie, born to Mr. &Mrs. Burton Jaeger, 119 Wilson Avenue, West Bend, Wisconsin. ... Son, Mark, born 
to Mr. & Mrs, Roy Willmarth, 264 Wilking Way, Sonoma, California. .., Son, Jay Robert, born to Mr. & 
Mrs, Don Woelffer, 2728 Hickman Road, Des Moines 10, Iowa. . , . Son, John Andre Moore Jr. , born to Mr. 
& Mrs. John A, Moore, 2413 West Carroll Avenue, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin .